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LG Take On Samsung With New Smart Appliances

LG Australia has announced the arrival of its new Front Load Washing Machines with artificial intelligence (AI) and a direct-drive (DD) motor that determines weight and fabric characteristics in each laundry load.

Alongside the new washing machines is the introduction of LG’s first voice activated air conditioning range in Australia featuring the Google Assistant.

Beginning with the washing machine, the Series 5 WV5 range will be available from 29 October with a price range of $839 to $1079 RRP.

Series 7 will be available for $1139 to $1259 RRP.

The Series 9 will retail between $1319 and $1439 RRP depending on model size.

LG AI DD technology is supported by ‘an accumulated database of thousands of pieces of stored information relating to historical wash data’ ensuring optimal wash motions are applied to each cycle.

TurboClean has also been incorporated into the Series 7 and 9 models delivering the convenience of shorter wash times, requiring a minimum of 39 minutes to complete half a load.

The Series 9 gets even better with the Multi Spray system that simultaneously delivers jets of water from four different directions increasing speed and efficiency.

Each stainless-steel inner drum unit boasts high levels of durability, with a tempered glass door on the front and ten years warranty on the DD motor.

Each model (excluding Series 5 – WV5-1275-7.5kg) are compatible with TWINWash, LG’s two load system paired with an LG Mini Washer.

LG is clearly seeking ‘to provide the best possible solutions in innovative home appliances to make people lives easier’ through the introduction of smarter devices.

This trend continues with the aforementioned voice-controlled airconditioning unit announced by LG.

Starting at RRP $1242 for the 2.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System to the 6.3kW model for RRP $2317 from LG retailers

The new WS Series will enable households to operate the unit using the Google Assistant app or through a compatible smart speaker.

Power, temperature control and mode selection are all accessible over Wi-Fi through the smart assistant.

Coupled with the LG Smart Thinq mobile app, households can also access real-time weekly and monthly energy usage.

The Active Energy Control function allows energy consumption to be capped, helping to reduce energy bill blowouts.

Its slim and discreet design harbours LG’s Twin Rotary Compressor, a specialised motor that allows the unit to operate both quietly and efficiently.

Inside the unit are two different fans, the Skew Fan which is tilted by 15-degrees to help reduce air surface pressure on the fan, and a brushless DC fan motor which enables low noise levels during operation.

“The ability to control your air conditioner through a simple voice command and monitor consumption from your smartphone offers a sense of convenience you need to experience to believe,” said LG Australia general manager of marketing, Angus Jones, confirming the company’s push towards more convenient and better-integrated products.

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