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LG Beefs Up Smart Signature Kitchen Suite

LG Global is making its kitchens smarter with strategic partnerships with all-in-one appliance and gourmet meal service Tavola and others, beefing up its Signature Kitchen Suite.

While availability for Australia is yet to be confirmed, it does suggest the focus LG has in developing its smart appliance range.

The company announced that its 2019 smart ovens will recognise pre-packaged meals from Tovala via Tovala’s own app which automatically selects the correct settings on connected ovens.

LG also has smart oven partnerships with other smart kitchen platforms Drop, Sidechef, and Innit, which guide users through recipes using companion apps, voice assistants, and video instructions.

Innit’s multi-step Expert Cooking Programs which controls oven temperature cycles and cooking modes, will be integrating with LG’s new Wi-Fi luxury range, Signature Kitchen Suite, this year.

Signature Kitchen Suite will also be introducing a True Sommelier app, powered by Wine Ring‘s patented machine learning, which helps wine-lovers manage their personal wine collections in the range’s wine column refrigerators and recommends food pairings based on the user’s wine preferences.

Connected cooking solutions are becoming more prevalent in the tech space.

CES 2019 showcased a number of integrated “smart kitchens” including Whirlpool’s KitchenAid Smart Oven which drew crowds at the event.


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