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LG Appoints TV Boss For Mobile Turnaround

LG Electronics has shuffled its senior management team, by appointing home entertainment president, Brian Kwon, as its new mobile communications chief. It comes as LG seeks to lift its mobile division, following several periods of sluggish growth.


Mr Kwon is credited with playing a “critical role” in the transformation of LG’s TV, audio and PC business, with his knowledge of the global market said to be “instrumental” in the turnaround of LG Mobile.

Kwon’s appointment will see current mobile communications president, Hwang Jeong-hwan, take the helm as Head of LG’s Convergence Business Development Office, after a year in the role.

All changes will take effect from December 1, 2018.

The new structure will also see LG Electronics CEO, Jo Seong-jin, focus on strategy and future planning, as he assigns more day-to-day responsibilities to CFO and President David Jung.

Jung will now take responsibility for LG’s business support operations, including supervising support operations at all Korean facilities.

LG Electronics has also announced an expansion of its Vehicle Components Company – renamed to Vehicle Component Solutions (VS).

Executive Vice President, Kim Jin-yong, will take the helm as President of the new VS Company, with a strong focus on robotic and autonomous vehicles.


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