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Telstra’s Data Epiphany


Blue telco now lets you share Internet data between smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Telstra has just unveiled new data share packages that lets users pool their internet between their mobile devices.

Up to four devices can share a single data allowance, so you don’t have to pay separate data bills for your tablet and smartphone, and other web connected devices like notebooks.

The plans start at a basic $60 smartphone plan (includes $600 calls, unlimited SMS, 1GB data), plus another $10 to share the data with a tablet. Each share pack includes one Sim card for the tablet.

Every additional SIM for use on another device costs $10, you can have a total of three additional Sims.

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These sharing plans should suit Queenslanders, the most connected state in Oz and the most likely to own multiple devices, research shows, as are cash rich Gen X-ers, who own a whopping four-plus devices (well 20% do).  

There are also Telstra BYO mobile sharing deals starting at $50. To sweeten the deal, Telstra is throwing in a bonus monthly 1GB of data to those who sign up before 31 December.

Existing Telstra customers on mobile plans can upgrade to the new share packs.

“Any potential saving is dependent on how customers currently use their devices,” a spokesperson told Smarthouse.

“For example, if they currently have a separate data plan for multiple devices and find that they are not using all of the data they are paying for, moving to a shared data plan could maximize use of monthly data allowances. They will also have the convenience of managing all their devices on one bill” Telstra says its research shows estimated 80 per cent of Australians who use multiple mobile devices could benefit from sharing their data allowance across devices.

Telstra research shows we are a nation of data guzzlers – 50% of us using at least 1GB of data or more per month.

Telstra Group MD Consumer, Karsten Wildberger said the move to introduce data sharing was due to customer demand, as we guzzle more data than ever before.

The share packages mean less looking for public Wi-Fi access, which Telstra warns can be vulnerable to security risks. (Yes, but it is free, after all).  

“With people more connected than ever before, customers are looking for a simple solution that will allow them to manage their usage across all their devices and make their data allowance go further,” Wildberger said.

“This streamlined approach to data sharing is about making it simple for our customers to use all the mobile data they are paying for, manage it on one monthly bill and top up their usage easily if required.”

If you want more Internet than these allowances, there are additional Shared Data Packs you can add, for use across eligible devices.


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Telstra research uncovered the following trends among Aussie web surfers:

. More than half of people go online as soon as they wake up, almost three quarters connect straight after work, and three out of five admitting to closing out their day on the internet.

. Almost 50% of people use at least 1GB of data or more, monthly.

. 58% are not using all of their monthly data allowance.

. Queenslanders are the most connected, with 68% owning multiple mobile devices, and 18% owning more than five devices.

. Social media is becoming a key part of our lives with more than one in three people trawling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter every few hours. Women ‘check in’ more often, men are more likely to engage in online commentary, with the Federal Election and Footy Finals popular topics.

. Gen X-ers are more likely to be juggling multiple gadgets, with one in five owning four or more connected devices.

. Public transport commuters are looking for entertainment as they move from A to B, with 44 per cent of people preferring to look at their screen to looking out the window.

 . TV is about multi-screening of Australian viewers have one eye on their phone or tablet while sitting down to watch their favorite programs.