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Lenovo Release Smart Clock Next Month

Chinese tech company Lenovo has opened pre-orders for its Google Assistant powered Smart Clock ahead of its release next month.

The Smart Clock was unveiled earlier this year at CES and is designed to serve as a bedroom information hub and smart speaker.

Being destined for night-stand deployment, the Smart Clock uses a space-saving 4-inch touch screen, smaller than those now found on most smartphones.

Lenovo claims the Smart Clock will help users get to sleep easier by helping reduce screen-time before bed and use Google Assistant to set-up sleep routines like dimming smart lights, which Lenovo will also start selling in Australia later this year.

Users can also program gentle wake-up routines with a 30-minute crescendo alarm that can then trigger a morning routine with features like weather forecasts, calendar agenda and reminders, and commute information.

The Smart Clock also features a USB charging port for those who don’t want to jettison their smartphones from their bedside.

Lenovo have built-in a 6 watts full range speaker that can also be integrated into existing multi-room audio setups, and integrates with Chromecast.

Users can also set the Smart Clock to trigger other connected devices like coffee machines, or integrate with home security and child-monitoring devices like Wi-Fi cameras.

The Smart Clock is available for pre-order now before it hits stores on June 6th.

JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman and Officeworks are all stocking the Smart Clock, priced at $129.

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