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Lenovo Launches Yoga Slim Carbon i7, Its Lightest Notebook Yet

Millennials and the work-from-home generation want lightweight, chic and durable all wrapped into one – and Lenovo believes it has this market tapped with the launch of the Yoga Slim Carbon i7.

The Carbon i7 is Lenovo’s lightest notebook yet – literally – at only 966g.

The ultra-slim, 14.25mm laptop is 47% lighter and 25% more durable than the previous Yoga devices and is packed with all the perks you can expect from Lenovo.

At 13.3 inches and a display of 16:10, the i7 has three USB ports and is fitted with a 50w lithium battery and charger in the box. After 800 charge cycles, Lenovo says this device will retain an incredible 80 per cent charge capacity.

Peter Yeung, executive director and general manager for Lenovo APAC, says the Carbon i7 was designed with the ‘digital native’ user in mind.

“It is a premium experience for the up-and-coming digital native, and a smarter technology for all,” says Yeung.

“Feather light and durable, the Lenovo Yoga Slim Carbon i7 is the best of both worlds. We are committed to ensuring that every Yoga user is empowered to achieving more in a life of smarter living.”

As an extension of the Project Athena innovation program, Lenovo and Intel are once again collaborating on the new Intel Evo™ platform with the Carbon i7.

The moon-white colour is stunning and the machine itself is designed with aero-grade carbon-fibre for both weight and durability. Lenovo says the notebook is painted with three layers of thermal-heated coat and went through nine military-grade durability tests during development.

Available in two sizes, 8GB and 16GB, Lenovo says the Carbon i7 has 15 hours of battery life on video playback or 12 hours for all-day office activity, 20% faster CPU performance, runs at 40gbps and uses military-grade thermal technology to detect temperature and usage patterns.

Lenovo also says just 15 minutes of charging will give users two hours of battery.

Is also has several other great features such as inbuilt Amazon Alexa, flip-to-boot technology, Q-Control intelligent cooling and Face ID.

For the remote workplaces, the Carbon i7 also has a couple of other fancy features such as posture notifications, eye-care mode and an anti-glare display which will help users during those long days in front of the screen.

As with all Yoga devices, the audio is powered by Dolby and the screen is Dolby Vision.

The Yoga Slim Carbon i7 has a starting price of $1,799AUD and will be available to purchase in Australia from December.