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Leaks: Will Xbox X Series Fix Mistakes From Past?

Microsoft is set to release their new gaming console, the Xbox Series X, which is expected around December this year.

And although Microsoft is yet to official comment, a leaked photo of the upcoming console has revealed a major change to its port – or the absence of them.

The new Xbox Series X has appeared to be missing the crucial port required for its TV functionality that was introduced in the Xbox One, but was not a popular feature.

Microsoft’s Xbox has been losing to Sony’s PlayStation for a full console generation – dating back to 2013.

But the upcoming Xbox Series X console and the move to drop the TV function may be Microsoft’s push to win back over gamers and erase its mistakes from the past.

And now, thanks to a leak that reveals the rear of the Xbox Series X, it’s almost certain the company has dropped the HDMI-out port, the crucial port that enabled cable boxes to connect to the console and be directly controlled.

But it’s important to note that Microsoft is yet to officially make comment on the leak of the rear box and whether it will be used for the final model.

But it’s also unlikely, given how close the launch of the console is, that the company would make any major changes to the model that’s been leaked.

The image was first leaked onto the gaming forum NeoGAF, and later corroborated as legitimate by Thurrott’s Brad Sams.

When asked for an official comment on the photos, Tech Insider was told:

‘We’re excited to share more details on Xbox Series X, which will be our fastest, most powerful console and set a new bar for console performance, speed and compatibility. However, we have nothing to announce at this time.’

Although Microsoft did not address the absent port, it’s understood the removal is the ‘final nail in the coffin’ for the company’s ambitious plan to turn the Xbox consoled into the ‘Complete All-in-One Games and Entertainment System.’

(AP Photo/Raphael Satter, File)

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