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Leaks Reveal Fitbit’s First Smartwatch + Headphones

Reports out of Yahoo Finance have given the world its first look at Fitbit’s first smartwatch and Bluetooth headphones.

The pictures reveal that the smartwatch, internally called “Higgs”, is very similar in design to Fitbit’s Blaze but features a more metallic build.

The company announced its intentions to expand from fitness bands into smartphones late last year, the result of a struggle to maintain growth and a broader convergence of the two categories.

During Fitbit’s latest earnings report, the company’s co-founder and CEO James Park said that “Fitbit is in a unique position to stimulate new areas of demand by leveraging the data we collect to deliver a more personalized experience while developing upgraded versions of existing products and launching additional products to expand into new categories.”

Previous reports had indicated that Fitbit ran into trouble when it came to waterproofing their new smartwatch, which will reportedly feature a 1000-nit display, NFC-chip and aluminum uni-body design.

However, now sources say that the smartwatch and headphones will be ready for a spring reveal ahead of Apple’s iPhone 8.

Meanwhile the company’s new Bluetooth headphones, codenamed “Parkside”, feature an initially-similar metallic edge but otherwise fairly conventional design.

Overall, they appear similar in design to Apple’s Beats X and will be available in two colors.

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