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LEAKED: Google’s New Android TV Dongle

[Image: XDA Devlopers]

Renowned tech leaker XDA Developers claim to have offered consumers their best look yet at Google’s forthcoming Android TV dongle, featuring a remote and new software user interface.

The leak intensifies rumours Google is nearing the launch of its new streaming device, with XDA Developers said to have retrieved renders and marketing videos from a trusted Android developer.

Codenamed ‘Sabrina’ the Android-TV powered dongle is tipped to accompany a robust new software interface to prevent pushing content to a TV via Chromecast and a mobile device.

The leaked renders reveal an oval-esque device, in light pink, white and black colour options.

Marketing images seem to reveal that the top half of the remote has a dedicated Google Assistant button.

It remains unclear when, or where, the new device will launch, noting changes from renders to final product and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on supply chain logistics.

Previous reports from Protocol, suggest the dongle could be marketed within Google’s Nest smart home ecosystem, to further simplify branding.

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