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Leak Shows 1st 360Hz QD-OLED Monitors To Launch Next Year

According to a leaked roadmap from MSI, the first ever 360Hz QD-OLED monitors are anticipated to be delivered in 2024 as are the first 240Hz OLED and QD-OLED monitors.

The leaked MSI roadmap appears to be authentic and consists of six new QD-OLED monitors.

Within the roadmap, two 32-inch 4K 240Hz monitors (MPG-321UPX and MAG-321UPX) and two 27-inch 1440p 360Hz monitors (MPG-321UPX and MAG-271QPX), with a 49-inch MPG-491CQP and a 34-inch MAG-341CQP are all listed.

Out of the news released, the 360Hz monitors are the most compelling as this could be the next step for OLED gaming monitors after 240Hz.

OLED’s have a very speedy response time, but with the new 360Hz OLED panel, speeds could be around 500Hz LCD panel or even better.

The roadmap suggests that MSI’s 360Hz monitors will be 27-inch QD-OLED displays with 2560×1440 resolution.

Another roadmap was leaked in April 2023 showing Samsung Display, and the new information above aligns with the leaked information.

Other rumours also swirled that LG Display is developing their own even faster 480Hz OLED panel in Q3 2024, based on another leaked roadmap.

Within the MSI roadmap, under the two 360Hz monitors, they are both listed with an “MP Date” around Q1 and/or Q2 2024 which experts believe to mean ‘Milestone Date’ or ‘Major Project Date’.

Concerning the timeline, we wonder if this means an announcement will be coming soon, perhaps even at CES 2024.

Once the expected announcement is made, we imagine we will learn more about the price and launch date.

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