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Harvey Norman Selling “No Contract” Foxtel

Harvey Norman Selling “No Contract” Foxtel

The no-contract Foxtel offer is emblazoned on the home page on Harvey’s website, offering standalone Pay TV deals both 6/12 month and month to month.

However, the deals are no cheaper than Foxtel’s current online offers and in fact, appear to be more expensive.

“We’re helping Foxtel out” a Harvey Norman store rep told us.

There are all different types of packages but consumers must go in-store to sign up via its portal.

A Foxtel starter pack is being sold for $71 on a month by month basis, plus a one off payment of $150 for Foxtel’s iQ box, which has no recording facility. 

No-contract sports packages are being flogged by the retailer for $92 p.m and $109 for Foxtel movies packages, plus the recording-capable iQ box is free.

Six or 12 month contract deals are cheaper, like the movies package is $93 on a 6 month contract, and no fee for the box, although Foxtel appears to be charging $64 a month in a current online offer over 6 months.

Consumers pay by direct debit but can cancel if they do not wish to continue the month-by-month service, the Harvey Norman store rep said. These deals are available in metro areas only.

The retailer is also offering 50% off Foxtel + Sports + HD channels with every TV purchased to customers in regional Australia.

Foxtel, too, are flogging cheap deals of its own – with 6 month offers on all packages with $45 off the usual price until the end of the month.

The Pay TV giant, half owned by News Limited and Telstra, is desperately looking to increase penetration of Pay TV in Oz, which is currently low by international standards.

However, as Internet TV, video streaming and soon the NBN makes online viewing easier, Foxtel may have its work cut out, despite exclusive content deals with HBO.