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AVD Delivers Rhapsody To Pronto

AVD Delivers Rhapsody To Pronto

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The solution supports the TSU9400, TSU9600 and the TSU9800 control panels.

According to AVD, they have gone to great lengths to maintain the look and the feel of the Sonos interface, so that users don’t have to deal with a different graphical interface when using a Philips Pronto control system.

Rhapsody features supported include:

– QWERTY touch screen keyboard for search functions on TSU 9600/9800
– Searching Rhapsody  by artists, Albums, Composers and tracks
– Using the Rhapsody Music Guide to browse Charts, Genres and New Releases
– Browsing Rhapsody Channels

The Philips Pronto Solution is available in the following configurations:

1 Pronto + 1 Sonos Zone
4 Pronto’s + 4 Sonos Zones
8 Pronto’s + 8 Sonos Zones                      

All solutions require a Philips Pronto TSU 9400, 9600 or 9800 and a fully operational Sonos System in the appropriate configuration.  All that’s needed then is to load the Pronto module under the instructions provided and connect the AVD processor to the network.

For those who have already purchased the Philips Pronto Solution, the firmware upgrade is free by emailing [email protected]
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with your unit’s serial number.

See:  www.avd.com.au