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REVEALED: iPhone Love-In With Facebook

REVEALED: iPhone Love-In With Facebook

The new iOS 6 platform will have a far closer relationship with The Social Network than ever before, Apple revealed at Worldwide Developers Conference 2012 Monday.

When Apple users enter their password once – they can henceforth integrate Facebook friends and events into their iOS calendar, as well as make posts directly to the network from other apps and sites, reports BusinessWeek.

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This means, say, if you are on Pinterest you could also post your pic directly to Facebook or if you’re surfing the web on Apple Safari you could send a link directly to your wall for all your pals to see.

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This love in with iOS 6, due for release later this year, comes as Facebook released an iPhone dedicated ‘Camera’ app just recently.

Apple Chief Tim Cook also recently signalled a bigger relationship with Mark Zuckerberg’s network was on the cards.

Oh and the good news is iOS Facebook features are not just for iPhone (2009 onwards), the Apple/Facebook hook up will also apply to last year version of iPad and up, as well as iPod Touch models.

Facebook will be integrated with Apple’s app store and iTunes so that you can “like” apps, and other content flogged by Apple online.