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Klipsch Enters Wireless Multi-Room Audio Market

Klipsch have announced a series of six new products in a competitive push into the wireless multi-room audio market.

The Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio series includes sound bars, wireless speakers, legacy audio converters, and USB digital to analogue converter amplifiers. The system is powered by DTS Play-Fi whole-home technology, allowing users to wireless stream almost any sound source to any room.

“In our 70th year of business, we are laser-focused on delivering innovative audio products and aggressively targeting key export markets,” said Klipsch CEO Paul Jacobs.

As a new player in the market, Klipsch plans to bring its signature high quality to wireless multi-room audio dominated by the likes of Sonos, Bose and Denon.

“We intend to disrupt the status quo with category-redefining offerings that deliver superior performance, connectivity and ease of use,” Mr Jacobs said.

Products in the Klipsch Stream Wireless series include the RW-1 wireless speaker, the Three stereo tabletop system, the RSB-9 sound bar and wireless subwoofer and the RSB-14 top-of-the-line sound bar and wireless subwoofer.

Additionally, the Klipsch Gate allows users to connect legacy audio products to send and receive music over the Klipsch Stream network, and the Klipsch Stream Powergate enables existing speakers to also connect to the network.

Klipsch have also developed the Klipsch Stream app for iOS and Android to easily control the system.

For more information on products in the Klipsch Stream Wireless range, visit klipsch.com.au/klipsch-stream