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99% Of Fake Apple Chargers Fail Basic Safety Test

A study conducted UK consumer protection organization Chartered Trading Standards Institute found that 99% of fake Apple-branded chargers failed a common safety test to determine whether they held enough insulation to protect users against electric shocks.

Of the 400 counterfeit chargers put under the microscope, sourced from online suppliers across the world, they found that only three managed to pass what experts considered to be a basic test.

Additional experiments found 15% of 3,019 used electrical goods were non-compliant.

Lord Toby Harris, chair of National Trading Standards, acknowledged that “Sadly, we suspect our work is just skimming the surface and we urge consumers to be vigilant when buying electrical products online: be wary of deals that look too good to be true and search for reviews of the seller before making your purchase.”

The study comes in the wake of news that Amazon’s ‘war on fake goods’ will be a major priority for the online reseller in 2017, After Apple began to take legal action against those responsible.

According to Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, “Counterfeit electrical goods are likely to be poor quality and in the worst cases unsafe. Look out for tell-tale signs of counterfeiting such as mistakes in brand names or logos, and check plugs for safety marks – all genuine electrical items made in the EU should have a CE mark on them.”