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Microsoft To Chase Amazon Echo With HomeHub Update

Reports say that Microsoft is continuing its efforts to extend into emerging tech via software updates, with a new HomeHub feature set to roll out for Windows 10 users as soon as next year.

Reports say the feature is currently in the planning stage and will allow Microsoft to position any device running their latest OS as a competitor for smart-home management products like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home.

Once the software update arrives, Windows 10 users will be able to summon voice assistant Cortana from the lockscreen to provide information in an intuitive and naturalistic fashion.

Windows Central say concept plans for HomeHub describe it allowing users share appointments, apps, and other data on a PC without it being logged into an account.

Microsoft is said to be experimenting with a fullscreen interface that will display items as if they’re a virtual fridge door, called the Welcome Screen.

It’s an interesting move that, like their VR-ready Creators Update, allows Microsoft to have a position in these growing tech areas without actually shouldering the financial burden and risk of investing in their own hardware.