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Kids Who Code? Smart Robot Can Help

Artie 3000 is a fun yet educational drawing robot designed to teach kids how to code.

It’s a handy little device, with a small motor and big wheels that are used to convert code into real world patterns on a page.

The smart robot, who sells for just $118, is also a good companion ‘for learning the basics of programming and promoting your child’s creativity.’

Artie 3000 features ‘drag and drop’ visual programming software promoting easy coding for little ones, offers pre-programmed designed and shapes which beginners can use as templates, built-in games for fun and enjoyable playtime and finally, includes four different colour markers, enabling Artie to reflect your child’s masterpiece.

Artie has also received raving reviews online from trusted sources, adding credibility to the smart, educational yet creative little robot.

The Artie 3000 is available to purchase online at select retailers.

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