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KEF Add Immersive Sound To Lotus Vehicles

British high-end audio company KEF has announced a partnership with Lotus, to kit out the company’s sports cars and premium electric vehicles with its Uni-Q ten-channel sound systems.

The first fruits of this partnership will be in the new Lotus Emira. KEF explains that “Uni-Q can reproduce the entire mid and high frequency sound spectrum from a single point in space, delivering a more coherent, hyper-realistic sound experience.”

The system will be adapted to suit each vehicle — “from the smallest of cockpits to fully immersive 3D surround sound in larger vehicles” — with the speaker drive units acoustically blended into the car interior for an immersive spatial sound.

“We’re delighted that KEF’s first foray into automotive is with Lotus,” says Simon Clare, Executive Director, Marketing, Group Lotus.

“It’s the perfect partnership – two iconic British brands that have built global acclaim through game-changing innovations and an uncompromising belief that the customer experience is everything.”

Grace Lo, President, KEF, adds:  “We have been truly delighted at the level of commitment Lotus has made to optimising its vehicles to maximise the sound experience. I think the combined experience will be an utter joy!”


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