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Kaiser Baas Go Global With Rebranding After Holiday Bump

Hailed early on as “the next big category” for both cameras and consumer electronics, it wasn’t long before Kaiser Baas CEO Evan Kourambas and everyone else found out that the market might not be as willing to embrace action cameras as they are.

Speaking with ChannelNews, he calls it a “tough category”.

No kidding. After all, even tech giant Samsung can’t seem to make it work

According to Evan, “There’s nothing wrong with the cameras.”

He says the technology is solid but the market doesn’t seem to be taking off as expected.

Regardless, he says Kaiser Baas is “focusing on our cameras and drones” heading into 2017.

He says Kaiser Baas’ recent rebranding of their websites and products was intended to lift the profile of the company and that the response has been better than expected.

Evan says the company have worked hard to position themselves as “the low-cost alternative to the market leader.”

When it comes to drones, this sees them against Parrot. When it comes to dashcams, this sees them up against Uniden. And when it comes to action cameras, it sees them face off against GoPro.

However, Evan is confident about the company’s lineup.

Their incoming X1 and X2 action cams offer 1080p, while their higher-end X3 and X4 take video resolution to 2.5 and 4K respectively. It’s a big step up for the category and one that Evan is really happy to see customers get their hands on.

What’s more, the top-end X4 is priced at at $299, half the RRP of a comparable offering from GoPro.

Early indications say this aggressive pricing has proved a winner for Kaiser Baas.

Evan says the company “smashed it over Christmas”, selling 150,000 units through JB Hi-Fi.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the elephant in the room – Amazon’s impending expansion to the Australian market – Evan isn’t too worried.

According to him, “it’ll affect Harvey Norman more than anybody”.

He confirms that Kaiser Baas “will list with Amazon when they arrive” in the market.

“It shouldn’t affect us as a brand. It will affect retailers” he says.

Evan says that “for the last 12 months have been trying to get out of [direct] distribution.”

He says the company are in the process of arranging a new distribution arrangement, but declined to identify with whom.

“Our focus is to increase the markets that we play in,” he says.

A 100% Australian company, Evan says Kaiser Baas is now moving beyond its backyard and finding major growth in India, Russia and the US.

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