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AV Presentation System From Creston

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The MPS-300 is a single, full featured box that, in conjunction with the system switcher and control system provided by the MPS line, has enhanced microphone performance, mixing capabilities, and greater video routing flexibility.

The MPS-300 includes two gated microphone inputs complete with software-switchable 48 V phantom power and digital gating plus depth adjustment, which give integrators total control over the amount of microphone attenuation for a more transparent effect and natural sound. These same two inputs also feature an independent audio compressor/limiter that provide a variety of capabilities including prevents distracting audio spikes.

By connecting to QM transmitters with built-in mic preamps (such as the QM FlipTop line) the MPS-300 can route and manage up to eight microphones. In fact, six completely different mixes of those eight microphones can be achieved and routed through the three QM outputs and the three local outputs.

On the video side, the MPS-300 features a full 8×7 matrix, enabling new levels of flexibility to accommodate a variety of routing requirements. Used in any combination the integrator chooses, outputs can function separately as RGB, composite or S-Video outputs, or can be combined to create a single component output. Each output is fed by a separate matrix cross point so it can be active simultaneously and assigned any relevant input source.

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