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Quickflix Movies Hit Kobos

Quickflix Movies Hit Kobos
Quickflix Movies Hit Kobos

Quickflix blitz continues, announcing an agreement with Kobo to stream its movie service to Kobo’s eReaders and ‘new gen’ models, yesterday.

Launching early 2013, new Kobo eReaders will come pre-loaded with Quickflix allowing subscribed users to stream unlimited movies and TV shows. The service starts at $14.99 for “unlimited” streaming and you can also pay per view.

The partnership between Kobo and Quickflix covers both Australia and New Zealand and is the latest in a string of deals the troubled content provider has announced, after weeks of internal strife including major funding issues, which led its shares to tumble and halt in trading for a period.

Quickflix also announced a content deal with Humax PVRs just this week, and has also cut deals with Panasonic, Samsung and Microsoft.

“Tablets including eReaders are being quickly adopted by Australians as the preferred second screen to the TV,” Quickflix said today in a statement.

“We are extremely excited to extend our streaming services to the ground breaking Kobo eReader giving our customers even more ways to view their favourite movies and TV shows whenever they want and where ever they are,” said Quickflix Chairman and CEO Stephen Langsford.