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John McAfee Found Dead In Spanish Prison

John McAfee, the troubled creator of the world’s first antivirus software, was found dead in a Spanish prison, just hours after a court approved his extradition to the US to face tax charges. It is believed he died by suicide. He was 75.

“A judicial delegation has arrived to investigate the causes of death,” a statement from the prison said, explaining that “everything points to death by suicide”.

McAfee lived a colourful life: at one point he was worth north of $100 million; he was wanted in Belize for a murder that, by all accounts, he committed; he claimed last January to have fathered 47 children, with 61 grand-children, and 19 great-grand children; he had an arsenal of high-powered weaponry, a fleet of aircraft, and countless classic cars; was an avid promoter of cryptocurrency; ran a yoga-retreat; had over 200 lawsuits filed against him during his life; ran for President twice; and was famously outed near the Guatemalan border while hiding out in the jungles of Central America – after Vice published a photo that contained metadata that revealed his location. Oops!

All in all, it was an insane life.



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