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JB Hi Fi & Harvey Norman Not Selling NuForce Headphones Red Agency Backflips

This time last week PR staff at the Red Agency told ChannelNews that both JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman were set to range a new of NuForce headphones, only for senior account staff to come back 24 hours later to say that this was wrong.

The same account management staff also told ChannelNews that the Company was close to announcing a distributor for the Optoma owned brand and that if a consumer wanted to immediatly purchase the brand, they could do so online or via eBay.

Richard Neale the General Manager at Ambertech the distributor of Optoma projectors in Australia said that NuForce operates as a stand-alone unit within Optoma – independent of projectors.

“Amber Technology has never distributed NuForce products. We believe that the local subsidiary of Just Lamps (in Noosaville) is looking after NuForce”.

They also denied that they were the distributors of NuForce headphones.
Now the Red Agency is claiming that we will have to attend a press briefing to find out who the Australian distributor is for NuForce and which retailers are set to stock their products.
We suspect that the press conference is more about drumming up publicity in the hope that retailers will take an interest in the brand.

The new range being offered in Australia include the NuForce BE Sport3 and BE6i wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones.

According to their press statement the headphones are IP55 water, sweat and dust resistance rating, have a 10-hour battery life, and AAC and aptX® audio compatibility.

They have a recommended retail price of $124.99.

The NuForce BE Sport3 are crafted from aluminium and polycarbonate and weigh just 13g.

They are described as light weight, durable and sold at an excellent price point.

The lightweight BE6i aluminium headphones include the award-winning BE6 predecessor which NuForce said delivers greater sound quality, a better fit, and extended eight-hour battery life and IPX5 water resistance rating.

Available in grey and gold and the RRP is $174.99.

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