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Jamo Announces Restructure + New CEO

Weeks after Melbourne-based Qualifi took over distribution of the Klipsch range, Jamoa long time brand at Qualifihas announced a major restructure, a new CEO and a move to expand their range of products.

Mark Casavant, who currently serves as senior vice president of global brand and business development for Klipsch Group, has been promoted to managing director of Jamo International.

He is tasked with securing the Jamo brand as a market leader for “high-value, high-performance speaker solutions” used in home theatres and custom installations.

Mark Casavant

“Mark brings more than 26 years of CE experience and expertise to our leadership team, as well as intimate knowledge of international market needs, global operations, and a true passion for quality, high-performance audio,” said Klipsch Group president and CEO Paul Jacobs.

Jamo has introduced a range of new speakers in the past year that incorporate what the company describes as “modern, minimalist design and high value sound quality”.

Among them are the Jamo Studio home speakers, a new sound bar collection, and landscape, rock and indoor/outdoor speakers.

“We are committed to making 2017 ‘The Year of Jamo’ and have dedicated research and development dollars to bring beautifully designed, high performance products to the market,” Jacobs said.

Casavant is also building an internal team to ensure Jamo “continues to operate and execute at a world class level while maintaining a strong, scalable, sustainable level of growth” the company said.

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