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Jabra’s PanaCast Becomes First Zoom-Certified Video Device

Jabra’s first intelligent Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution, the PanaCast ($1,485), has been selected by Zoom Video Communications as the video solution of choice for its new telepresence capability called Zoom Rooms Speaker Switching.

The PanaCast was selected for being the only enterprise-grade camera with the advanced functionality needed to complete the Zoom Rooms experience and is now the first camera that could deliver three individual video streams in a single product.

The three different camera angles will work in tandem with the Zoom Rooms Speaker Switching along with three microphones that detect which side is speaking.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Jabra in delivering the next iteration of the Zoom Room to customers,” said Nick Yu, head of global service at Zoom.

“With Jabra’s leading camera technology, we have developed a unique offering that delights users and IT departments by delivering a plug-and-play solution that takes the unnecessary complexity, cost and maintenance out of creating an immersive conferencing system.”

The Zoom Rooms Speaker Switching is an added feature to Zoom Rooms – a solution that equips every sized conference room with all of the tools needed to run or join video meetings with just the tap of a button.

The telepresence features take the existing Zoom Room capabilities one step further to deliver a conferencing experience that is even closer to in-person meetings.

The new service and its hardware components, including the Jabra PanaCast camera, promises to provide a natural and immersive collaboration experience with improved participant engagement.

“At Jabra, we have long been focused on building advanced sound and video solutions to make the huddle room the optimal collaboration space,” said Aurangzeb Khan, senior vice-president, Jabra Intelligent Vision Systems.

“With the evolving nature of work, it is paramount that employees have a space to communicate and collaborate with each other, remote employees and colleagues around the globe.”

“We are thrilled to work together with Zoom and be at the forefront in delivering a completely immersive conferencing platform using the best-in-class software, sound and video technology.”

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