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Panasonic Bring Hair Care To Oz

In a bid to strengthen its existing personal care range, Panasonic will extend its hair care products to the Australian market for the first time with the launch of two rose-gold styled hair dryers.

The Panasonic EH-NA98 and EH-NA65 will be available from Price Attack for $349 and $279 respectively.

Both models feature Panasonics’ trademark moisture infusing technology, intelligent air-flow design and heat control sensors, designed to reduce hair damage will achieving faster drying times and a shinier finish to your hair.

The flagship EH-NA98 Advanced Moisture Infusing Hair Dryer uses mineral ions to reduce split ends and frizz, with a dedicated Scale Mode to prevent burns and discomfort through an intelligent temperature sensor.

At a slightly cheaper price point, the Panasonic EH-NA65 still boasts the same capabilities of the flagship Panasonic model, just minus the premium features listed above for the EH-NA98.

Panasonic Australia product marketing manager Tory Rooney said the hairdryers bring 80 years of innovation, bringing the ‘perfect solution’ to reduce visible hair damage and frizz while boosting shine with each use.

To boost the launch, Panasonic has collaborated with YouTube beauty influencer Michelle Wong from Lab Muffin.

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