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Jabra’s Latest Device Aims To Reduce Office Noise

Jabra have announced a new device to assist businesses in monitoring the noise levels of office environments while providing instant visual feedback.

The company says their new Noise Guide can be used to help reduce noise and increase productivity, while allowing businesses to learn more about noise levels.

The device works by continuously listening to the sound in the environment around it, and displays a red, amber or green colour depending on the current noise level.

“Open plan offices are designed to encourage collaboration and communication, and these spaces offer many benefits. But for many working in those environments, it prevents them from focusing on their tasks,” said Jabra ANZ Managing Director David Piggott.

According to research from Jabra, 70% of skilled professional office-based staff are disturbed by noise, and 35% claim they are interrupted by nearby colleagues.

“Employers have to commit to finding ways to make the space work for everyone – including those that need lower noise levels in order to remain productive,” Piggott added.

Depending on the size and shape of the workplace, the Noise Guide can be customised and adjusted to set an acceptable level of noise.

Data can be downloaded by businesses to analyse and identify patterns, while an indicator on the Noise Guide also shows the average noise levels.

The Jabra Noise Guide will be available in May from Jabra Premium and Authorised partners for RRP $900, and includes a Table stand.

A mount for cubicles will also be available for RRP $75.

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