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REVEALED: Telstra “Unlimited” Music To Hit

REVEALED: Telstra “Unlimited” Music To Hit

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Telstra are partnering with California-based MOG for a music streaming service, to be unleashed on smartphones, tablets and PCs, it revealed today.

Telstra’s MOG music will be available to users regardless of telco; although if MOG-ers on Telstra’s network will be able to stream music faster from more places, meaning you can listen to anyone from Beyonce and Tine Tempah to Talking Heads, anywhere.

And the MOG service, said to soon be acquired by Beats Audio, which is owned by Telstra favourite HTC, streams at a pretty decent 320kbps speed is ad free (yes, there is a god).

However, don’t cancel your iTunes account just yet – the service, which Time magazine says “blows Pandora and all others out of the water” is set to launch “in the coming months” Telstra said today. 

So, how will it work?

Aussie MOG wannabees can download the MOG app on their smartphone or tab or login to their account via PC or MAC and receive: Unlimited, ad-free listening to any artist, album, or song at any time.

But the best thing about this service is that you can access your tunes even when you dont have an internet connection – handy when on a plane or just in the middle of nowhere.

Telstra MOG HTML5 browser-based player also boasts a radio that enables users to switch between true artist-only playlists or a full mix of similar artists.

So how much? Telstra declined to name a price but a OZ quick scout at the US MOG site revealed its charges US$4.99 and $9.99 a month for premium service.

Other cool tools include “Just for you” personalised recommendations based on your MOG listening habits and your artist “likes” on Facebook similar to JB Hi-Fi’s Now Music service.

It also has options like New Releases, Editor’s Picks, top Charts, Featured Playlists, and Custom Radio in addition to their own, tagged songs.

MOG is a next-generation music media company founded in June 2005. The Berkeley based music giant includes music industry backers Universal Music Group and Sony Music, with Grammy-winning record producer, Rick Rubin a Director.