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Optus 4G “Live” In Melbourne FINALLY

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Optus’ 4G FD-Long Term Evolution service was switched on in Sydney and Perth earlier this month.

In a bid to get one up on Telstra, who has had an almost 12 months headstart in the 4G race, Optus says its 4G network has the largest footprint in the Melbourne metro area, stretching approx 10km from the CBD – from Mt Waverly in the east to St Albans in the west, and from Hampton in the south to Campbellfield in the north.

Customers with 4G or 3G dual-band ready devices will now get better indoor mobile coverage and consistent data connectivity.

“Whether that’s streaming videos from YouTube or Vimeo, downloading songs from iTunes or uploading photos onto Facebook, customers can enjoy faster upload and download speeds in Optus 4G coverage areas.”

“Our customers have told us what matters most to them, and we have listened to their feedback to deliver a mobile network that will provide quicker data speeds, better call quality and improved in-building coverage in more areas – so they can stay in touch and do more” said Günther Ottendorfer, Optus MD of Networks.

Optus is flogging Samsung’s Galaxy S III 4G on pre-order and say other 4G ready smartphones are coming soon, including the iPhone 5.

It also has  4G USB modem or portable Wi-Fi modem for wireless 4G Internet services, which connects up to 5 devices.

The telco has also improved its 3G network, 3G data speeds and coverage which now covers 99% of the Victorian population.

Optus will roll out more than 150 additional mobile sites across the state within the next two years.

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