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“Unlimited”: TPG ‘All U Can Eat’ NBN $69

Priced at $69 per month, the seemingly too good to be true 12 month bundle promises “unlimited downloads” and will be a core broadband offering once the fibre based NBN is in play.

This means you can watch as much Internet TV, download movies or stream tunes to your hearts content for a relatively small price, making existing broadband plans look mean by comparison.

It includes “unlimited” local and national calls to landlines and best of all unlimited international calls to UK, US, China and select other countries.

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TPG already made a name for itself flogging “unlimited” broadband plans and currently has a $59 plan on ADSL2+ but speeds will be much faster on the NBN, although not by a lot.

The NBN plan promises NBN standard speeds of 12Mbps download and 1Mbps uploads, however, no word yet if it will offer faster tier speeds available on the high speed network to be rolled out across the nation.

The revelatory broadband deal will also put it up against rivals like Telstra and iiNet, the latter already announced its wireless NBN plan starts at $49 for 30GB data, while its $69 plan has 300GB data, $89 for 600GB and $139 for one terabyte (TB).

Still, no one has come near to this unlimited offer, yet.

There is also a $20 deposit and $79 set up fee for the unlimited TPG plan.

The telco, who announced its profit results yesterday, gained 47,000 new customers this year, saying its ADSL2+ with home phone was the main driver of growth and also added 54,000 mobile customers.

It may get many more users on board if rivals fail to come up with similar no limit deals.