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Google Chromebook: Doomed To Fail?

Chromebook OS, the new notebook category is a brainchild of Google – in which most applications and files are kept not on a hard drive but on Google’s servers, accessed via the Web,  described as a “clamshell”. 

In world obsessed by tablet PC’s, many may have overlooked the burgeoning category. 

“Some have said that Chromebooks will be doomed from the start because of the impression that they need a mobile broadband connection to be of any use.” writes Richard Shim – Senior Analyst, DisplaySearch in a blog. 

“I’d say that’s a marketing error that needs to be corrected: Chromebooks can use WiFi to connect to the internet and can be useful anywhere there is a hot spot. The goal is convenience, not productivity.”

Chromebooks will be “of interest” to consumers, Shim believes. One of the first available here in Australia was Kogan’s11.6-inch model, released last month. 

However, given their newness, it’s too early to judge the market’s reaction. “However, informal indications seem to point to some traction” says the analyst, pointing to Acer Chromebook, already fourth on Amazon.com’s bestsellers laptop list as are other models further down the list. 
Samsung and Acer begin taking orders for Chromebooks in the US just on June 15 last. Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is retailing in the US for $429, while the Acer version retails at $349 for its AC700-1099 Chromebook.