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Vodafone Launches New 4G Mobile Phone Network

Vodafone Launches New 4G Mobile Phone Network

Chief Network Officer Benoit Hanssen says the network’s 20MHz wide-band spectrum holdings mean Vodafone can offer some of the fastest speeds available across mainland Australia. Average 4G speeds are 15 times faster than 3G speeds, he says.

“Our customers who are already using Vodafone 4G have told us over the past month they’re achieving faster data speeds than what they can get with fixed broadband at home,” Hanssen says on the Vodafone blog.

 “Our current advantage is our spectrum. Put simply, the wider the radio channel, the fatter the pipe, which translates into faster data speeds for customers. Vodafone is currently the only carrier that has this spectrum band in all five major mainland state capital cities.

Vodafone today invited new customers across metropolitan Australia onto its new 4G network, less than a month after launching to existing customers. Customers can check on the availability of Vodafone 4G in their area by entering their postcode in the Vodafone Coverage Checker. The telco is offering customers 30 days to test out its 4G service before committing.

“The great news is that our coverage footprint is literally expanding every week and by the end of the year we plan to triple the number of 4G network sites,” says Hanssen.