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Optus Revs Up Data War

Optus Revs Up Data War

Optus My Mobile plans for tablets, mobile broadband USB or WiFi start from $20 per month for 1GB to $60 for 10GB. 

There’s also $35 (4GB) and $45 (7GB) options.  By contrast, Telstra tablet plans range from $25 (1GB) to $95 for 15GB. 

The yellow telco recently said data will drive revenues going forward as the mobile industry goes flat. 

The telco appears to be looking for an edgier broadband offering as Telstra got ahead in the mobile 4G race with much broader coverage. 

The revamped plans are available for new and existing customers and come in 4G or 3G options. Optus is also knocking 25 per cent off My Mobile plan’s access fee for existing mobile customers. 
Optus My Mobile doesn’t require signing up to a long contract – plans are available on a month to month, 12 or 24 month contract. 
If customers exceed their data usage, they are automatically given an additional 1GB at a $10 flat fee, so no unexpected bill whoppers.
To prevent bill shock, Optus provides alerts when users hit 50%, 85% and 100% of their data plan and 85% and 100% on every additional 1GB provided. 
“We’ve listened to our customers and revamped our mobile broadband plans to focus more on what our customers want,” says Vicki Brady, Managing Director, Optus Customer.  
“We understand our plans have been too complex in the past and believe the new Optus My Mobile Broadband plans address our customers’ needs for simpler options, more flexibility and fewer surprises at bill time.”