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IsoTek Delivers Smart Power To Audio & AV Equipment

Power management specialist IsoTek have announced three new products that combine power cleaning with smart programmable controls.

IsoTek SMART Power includes three rack mount IP controlled models: the Alpha, Beta and Theta. Each allow for full control over Wi-Fi using an app for iOS and Android, Bluetooth, LAN and RS232.

Clean power is delivered to audio and AV equipment through SMART Power products with protection also provided against power surges and voltage spikes. The Alpha is rated for protection up to 40000A, the Beta up to 54000A and the Theta up to 67500A.

“IsoTek was born with a singular aim: to create a better solution to the problem of poor mains quality, which restricts the performance of all audio and AV systems,” the company said.

IsoTek launched the products at Integrated Systems Europe 2017, the largest AV show in the world.

“Through rigorous research and genuine innovation an award-winning range was created. IsoTek SMART Power continues this quest.”

Each outlet of the SMART Power products can be named and controlled independently or combined into groups, and delay times can be set for each outlet. Power usage and consumption can also be monitored.

IsoTek’s Smart Power range will be distributed by Audio Active later this year, with specific pricing and availability to be confirmed. More details and specifications can be found on the IsoTek Smart Power website.

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