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IS LG Kidding A “Lifes Good ” Book, We Have Some Chapter Ideas About Their Fines, Recalls & Dodgy Service

Days after we revealed that LG Electronics had chosen to invest in woke marketing, by spruiking consumers to amplify its brand promise of ‘Life’s Good’, the South Korean Company has gone one step further, they are now bringing out a book in what they describe as a move to “uplift Life’s Good initiatives”.

Management claim that their Brand Book is a compilation of captivating stories that will be spread across 28 chapters, and it will be all about the Company and its values and the decisions their management have made in the past in getting the Company where it is today.

Kim Hyo-eun, vice president and head of the Brand Management Division at LG it will highlight the ‘brave optimism and relentless determination,” of the business and their employees.

The business claims that the book will create a better future for all and will identify defining moments in LG’s history.

Maybe some of those chapters could cover the following subjects.

1:How LG South Korean Management Make unreasonable Demands On Employees.
2:Why LG Management Copped $160,000 in Federal Court penalties For misleading representation to consumers
3:How LG Management Is Making Hundreds Of Millions Selling Web OS Data On Consumers (Without their knowledge)
4:Why LG Australia Management Had To Be Forced By The ACCC To Tell Consumers About The Dangers Of Their Solar Batteries
5:How LG Management Dealt With the Recall of 138,000 US Vehicles With Dodgy LG Energy Solution Batteries.
6:Why Were 24 LG Side By Side Refrigerators Recalled In Australia
7: Why LG Electronics Have Problems With Warranty Claims & Service
8:Why Did Management Have To Recall 17 LG TV’s In Australia
9: Why Does LG Have A High Turnover of Marketing Managers In Australia

Among those interviewed for the Brand Book is the current CEO William Cho He is in a perfect position to comment on the Australian operational problems having worked as CEO of the Australian operation.

For those who are desperate to read the book an English version of the ‘Brave Optimists’ Brand Book will be available in an e-book format at global e-book stores by the end of this month.

Royalties from the sales will support social contribution projects that align with LG’s mission to create a Better life for all.

Maybe they could send one free of charge to the thousands of LG Electronics customers who have given them a rating of one out of five and have complained about shocking LG service and questionable products on Trust Pilot.

See reviews here.


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