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iPhone 17 Plus Tipped To Be Smaller In Size

The iPhone 17 Plus, tipped to be released in the coming years, could feature a smaller display, according to claims.

Industry display analyst Ross Young, posted on X (formerly Twitter), stating Apple’s upcoming super-sized model, or what could be the iPhone 17 Plus, will come with a smaller display than the iPhone 15 Plus.

“Hearing that the iPhone 17 Plus display size will get smaller rather than larger. Will sit in between the 17/17 Pro and 17 Pro Max…”

If this proves true, it suggests a display size smaller than 6.7-inches, however, Young doesn’t specify exactly what size the final screen would be.

This claim is interesting when compared to rumours circulating around the iPhone 16 Pro range, which state the display size of the iPhone 16 Pro would be increased to 6.3-inches, and the display size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max would be increased to 6.9-inches.

If the following year’s model is shrunk, it would mean there would possibly only be one choice for those wanting the biggest screen available.

In other news, a separate rumour has claimed Apple may shrink the bezels across the iPhone 16 range.

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