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IoT – Disaster Waiting To Happen?

A multination survey of 3100 IT and business decision makers has found Internet of Things adoption heading for 85 percent, and the same percentage of current users reporting IoT related security breaches.

The report was undertaken by HP Enterprise subsidiary Aruba. It says many organisations have failed to take the steps required to protect their networks and the devices connected to them. “The most common breaches were a result of malware (49 percent), spyware (38pc) and human error (38pc).”

Despite these problems, the report found enthusiasm for IoT undiminished. “Today, more than half (57 percent) of companies have already adopted IoT technology, and by 2019 that number is expected to reach 85 percent,” it said.

“Looking beyond 2019, almost all organisations (97 percent) expect IoT to deliver returns in the next five years.”

Unsurprisingly, the report added: “Failure to prevent security breaches could significantly damage this roadmap.” And it said the greatest benefits would come from systems used in real-time operational environments – where the impact of a security breach could be immediate and catastrophic. It adds: “IoT has the greatest impact on the [industrial] sector when it is used to monitor and maintain operating infrastructures.” – Stuart Corner

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