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Intel Lays Off Hundreds, Oz Numbers To Be Revealed

Intel has axed hundreds of information technology workers at sites across the company the most it has laid off in recent memory – apart that is the 16000 axed in 2016 and 2017 when the company restructured.

The company confirmed the layoffs but would not be drawn on a figure of how many lost their jobs or why. It was unclear yesterday how many Australian employees might be affected

“Changes in our workforce are driven by the needs and priorities of our business which we continually evaluate. We are committed to treating all impacted employees with professionalism and respect,” Intel said.

The cuts reportedly took place at sites across the company including in Oregon, Intel’s largest site with 20,000 workers. Cuts also took place at other facilities in the USA and at a large administrative facility in Costa Rica.

Intel is also preparing to build new multibillion-dollar factories in Oregon, Ireland and Israel and planning for 1750 new Oregon jobs in the next few years as it builds the third phase of its massive Hillsboro research factory called Dix.

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