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Its A Monster! Samsung Wi-Fi Washer Unleashed

Its A Monster! Samsung Wi-Fi Washer UnleashedWith a huge washing capacity of up to 15kg, it can wash a hell of a lot of clothes and dry them too. 

On sale from today for $3,999, this washer has Wi-Fi, so you can do clever stuff like control it even when you’re not at home via smartphone app. You can stop, start the washer and check when a load is done.
Samsung’s Ultra Large Capacity Washer consists of a 10kg washer and 8kg dryer combination front loader, but can wash up to 15kg via Powerbubble cycle. It weighs 109kg. 

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It also features an 8-inch full colour touchscreen that looks like a Samsung tablet, which displays cycle information for the 15 different cycle options. The Blue Onyx coloured machine has a 4 Stars (10kg) energy rating, while the dryer has 3 stars. Research indicates one third of washing loads run at less than 50 per cent of the machine’s capacity, which means many Australians are running more loads than necessary. 

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“This machine seeks to help Australians get more from a laundry wash,” says Mike Lilly, Samsung Head of Home Appliances. 

There’s also a clever Auto Detergent Dispenser that calculates a suitable amount of detergent to use relative to the weight. The dispenser can even store enough detergent liquid to run multiple washes.
Samsung’s Speed Spray soaks detergent into fabrics more deeply, handy for mud stains or other deeper dirt.  Additional features include:        
– Smart Check function recognizes and reports known errors        
– 15 minute and Variable Quick Wash cycles        
– Vibration reduction technology        
– Stop and Add Function        
– 11 year parts warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor^^        
– Manufacturers 2 years parts and labour warranty on the entire unit
The Samsung Ultra Large Capacity Washing Machine Combo is on sale now. 
“This amazing machine comes with a massive washing load capacity to wash up to fifteen kilograms using the Power Bubble cycle to help match the needs of large Australian households and we’re exceptionally proud to make it available in this country,” says Lilley. 
“Feedback from many customers has told us time and time again that washing machine load size is a very important factor when they’re considering a new machine.”