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Image Sensor Market Heats Up As Samsung Closes In On Sony

The gap between first and second in CMOS image sensors (CIS) market share has narrowed, with Samsung closing in on Sony’s seemingly unbeatable lead, according to research firm Yole Development.

Sony’s 2020 market share dropped two points to a still-impressive 40 per cent, while Samsung’s market share moved from 21 per cent to 22.

This may seem slight, but Sony’s CIS sales didn’t move between 2019 and 2022, while Samsung’s increased by 13 per cent.

Sony’s image sensor business unit posted an overall 5 per cent decline from 2019, due to Huawei stopping smartphone production in the wake of the US sanctions.

The Japanese company is now pivoting to focus on CIS for digital cameras to make up for the drop in smartphone orders.

Yole Development calculates that the 2020 CIS market was worth US$20.7 billion globally, with smartphones and other consumer products making up 72 per cent of the market.

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