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IKEA Won’t Pay Unvaccinated Staff Forced To Self-Isolate

Ikea has cut all sick pay for unvaccinated staffers who are forced to self-isolate due to exposure to COVID-19, including those who test positive.

The company admits this is an “emotive topic” but is battling rising costs due to staff absences.

“Fully vaccinated co-workers or those that are unvaccinated owing to mitigating circumstances which, for example, could include pregnancy or other medical grounds, will receive full pay,” the company announced.

“Unvaccinated co-workers without mitigating circumstances that test positive with Covid will be paid full company sick pay in line with our company absence policy.

“Unvaccinated co-workers without mitigating circumstances who have been identified as close contacts of a positive case will be paid Statutory Sick Pay.”

Statutory Sick Pay minimum is currently A$182.28 a week.



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