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Consumers Scramble As Samsung Recall 150,000 Washers

Consumers Scramble As Samsung Recall 150,000 Washers

As a result of “considerable” customer contact in the last 24 hours, “we have significantly increased resources to assist customers determined if they have an affected unit, and (if applicable) to help get their product serviced as a matter of urgency,” Samsung confirmed. 

The electronics giant was forced to recalled six top loaders models sold in the last three years, due to fire safety concerns, yesterday. 

“In some circumstances, there is a chance that moisture may penetrate the electrical connectors of the affected machines causing a fire hazard.” it warned. 

There have been 15 fires already reported linked to faulty machines. Around 150,000 washing machines are affected in Australia. Another 36,000 machines were sold in New Zealand.

Samsung has already received a “high volume of calls” on the matter. 

The Samsung models affected are: SW65V9WIP/XSA, SW75V9WIP/XSA, SW70SPWIP/XSA, SW80SPWIP/XSA, WA85GWGIP/XSA and WA85GWWIP/XSA 

It also confirmed today no front loader washing machines are affected.

Samsung has bumped up its customer service staff adding a second phone helpline for affected customers and increased the service hours of its Product Safety Hotline (1800 239 655) to round the clock 24/7. 

Two customer service phone numbers are: 1800 239 655 24 hours/ 7 days a week; 1800 680 174 8am – 8pm/ 7 days a week. 

Samsung says it will continue to provide updates and “ensure our customers get their products reworked as quickly as possible.”

“We also encourage customers to either email [email protected]
/* */ or visit our frequently-updated dedicated website, www.samsung.com/au/washingmachinerecall and our Facebook page, to ensure customers get their questions answered as soon as possible.”

“Our customer’s safety is our top priority. We are continuing to work closely with the regulators and authorities on this major undertaking and are deeply concerned about the inconvenience this recall has caused to our customers. “

62,285 affected machines were sold in New South Wales alone.