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IFA 2019: TCL Debut Premium Smart Glasses

Chinese electronics manufacturer, TCL, has continued to push into the premium electronics market, showcasing its immersive new smart glasses at IFA 2019, alongside its triple-rear camera Plex smartphone.

TCL is deemed the world’s #2 TV manufacturer globally, transitioning its display expertise from smartphones to smart glasses.

Showcased at IFA 2019, the TCL smart glasses encourage users to harness a wearable “big screen experience” remotely, by utilising a transparent microLED screen.

The glasses are tipped to offer future virtual reality applications, and can tap into a smart voice assistant.

The smart glasses are designed to connect with a users’ smartphone, and represent the future of the Chinese brand in the immersive connected home era.

Commentators claim the company is following similar steps as Huawei, releasing tech-heavy products at a cheaper price than American rivals.

Despite its spec-heavy marketing, the TCL Plex smartphone is tipped to release in Australia for under $500, and will accompany a pair of premium noise-cancelling headphones.

In Australia, TCL is also behind smartphone brands such as Alcatel and BlackBerry, with its Plex smartphone catering to a different customer segment (e.g. Samsung Galaxy A9 or Pixel customers).