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IFA 2018: Polaroid Combines The Old With The New With OneStep+

Polaroid is attempting to fuse the old-world charm of analog instant cameras and digital technology with its new smartphone-controlled OneStep+.

Launched at IFA in Berlin, the camera captures images using analog technology that actually spits out instant prints using digital imaging systems.

The OneStep+ is accompanied by an iOS/Android app on a Bluetooth-linked smartphone, which allows users to do a wide range of things such as: take double exposures, and scan prints while they’re still in the camera, allowing the resulting digital versions to be cropped, adjusted and shared online.

It also has a timer feature that allows users to wait up to 25 seconds before taking a photo, remotely triggerring the camera either via a button on the app, or using a noise (such as a hand-clap) detected by the phone, effectively making remote selfies possible.

The Polaroid OneStep+ has a recommended manufacturer’s price of US$160 (print paper not included).

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