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IFA 2017: Samsung Releasing Smaller Version Of The Frame

Samsung has announced a smaller version of its art/TV hybrid The Frame will be launched sometime in the future.

First available in 55-inch and 65-inch models earlier this year, the new 43-inch version of The Frame will make it the “ideal fit” for even more sizes and types of rooms.

The Frame features 4K UHD resolution and support for HDR, and comes preloaded with 100 artworks from Australian and international artists that are displayed when the TV isn’t in operation.

Additional artwork is available for purchase or via a subscription through The Frame’s Art Store. Samsung also announced a new partnership with the Prado museum in Spain that will see around 1,000 additional art pieces become available through the store in the near future.

Personal images can also be displayed using the My Collection feature.

No pricing or availability for the 43-inch The Frame has been announced, but the 65-inch model is priced at RRP $4,699 and the 55-inch model for RRP $3,299.

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