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Huawei Hands Out Big Discounts Just To Get A Smartphone Sale

Huawei’s Consumer Division has moved to handing out vouchers in the hope that consumers buy their smartphones as sales of their handsets including the P30 and P20 slump around the world.

This follows a decision by Google that they would not download Android updates and deny Huawei smartphone users access to Google apps such as Maps.

Other issues relating to the security of their devices and the Companies links to the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese Military have impacted sales.

In Australia sales have fallen and what was looking like upside for the Chinese brand last year has turned into what one employee told ChannelNews was a “depressing downturn”.

In the UK consumers are being offered massive discounts to simply buy a Huawei smartphone with management now talking to retailers in Australia about similar discount problems.

The cheap Huawei smartphones are currently being sold in a number of deals that come with a free Huawei gift.

UK retailer John Lewis is currently selling the handset allowing customers to claim a free Huawei Watch GT worth $305.

In Singapore the Company gave away $100 vouchers in an effort to get consumers to buy their Y6 Pro smartphone.

Police were forced to attend some shops as thousands gathered to buy the Y6 Pro for S$54, more than 70% off the standard price.

Singapore’s Competition and Consumer Commission said Tuesday it was looking into whether offering the phones in limited quantities to citizens and permanent residents at least 50 years old had breached the city-state’s consumer protection law.

“Huawei should not have advertised to so many consumers about their sale of the phones at a huge discounted price when they only have limited stock in their stores,” Lim Biow Chuan, president of the Consumers Association of Singapore, a non-governmental organization, said in a post on Facebook.

Huawei did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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