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Huawei To Launch ‘Harmony OS’ Phones Next Year After Android Split

Huawei is set to release new phones with its home-grown ‘Harmony OS’ next year, proving self-reliance amidst US sanctions on key components and Android smarts.

The news follows reports Huawei’s phone business is in jeopardy, with suppliers such as Qualcomm ceasing component supply to the Chinese company after trade restrictions.

Commentators have speculated what Huawei will do after semiconductor inventory runs out, with the company defying historical trends and not unveiling a new Kirin processor at its IFA keynote this year.

Huawei has reportedly slashed production orders of its new Mate 40 smartphone by up to 30%, citing reduced international demand and the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Chinese giant has reportedly built its own version of popular apps, with a new ecosystem offering alternatives to platforms such as Google Maps.

Huawei consumer business boss, Richard Yu, has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to its Harmony OS platform, with new smartphones set to incorporate the operating system.

Harmony OS has been operational on a suite of other Huawei smart devices, reportedly now expanding to its smartphone line-up following the Android split.

The beta version of Harmony OS will roll-out to Chinese app developers later this year, with the final version set to be made available to other Chinese phone makers (e.g. Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo).

Huawei has continued to rebuff allegations that its software and services present cybersecurity risks stemming from links to the Chinese government.

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