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Huawei Pulls The Plug On Another Google Voice Product

Huawei has had to pull the plug on a planned Google voice activated speakers as security concerns mount about the Chinese Companies products.

Huawei who is struggling in Australia to sell their smartphones because of security risks had planned to introduce the speakers at IFA in Berlin in September.

Bans on US companies dealing with Huawei is behind the move with Huawei executives fearing that that there would be “little chance” of success for the speaker in the US and markets such as Australia.

The Australian Government has banned the Company from supplying their 5G technology to carriers.

Sources claim that President Trump’s intervention and blacklisting caused the plans to be abandoned in May.

Huawei is currently operating in its dealings with US companies due to a 90-day temporary license, but it doesn’t appear as if a full reprieve for the Chinese Company is imminent.

The restrictions on Huawei come as part of a wider trade war between China and the United States, which threatens the company’s ability to run the full Android operating system on its popular phones and tablets.

Huawei will always be able to use elements of Android, because of the open source nature of the OS, but they could eventually be denied access to the critical Google Play Services such as the official versions of Google apps, the Play Store, Google Assistant and Maps.

A Google Assistant speaker without the Google Assistant was never going to get up said one observer.

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