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Huawei Partner With LG, Vodafone For 5G

Chinese telco giant, Huawei, has joined forces with LG and Vodafone, as it seeks to further its 5G ambitions despite being embroiled in a global privacy saga.

The telco has partnered with Vodafone to build a 5G experience zone in Barcelona, showcased Mobile World Congress 2019.

Vodafone has deployed several 5G sites with commercial 5G spectrum, building a high-performance 5G network with Huawei end-to-end products and equipment.

Based on the spectrum of C-Band 80MHz, downlink peak rate achieved 1.7Gbps in the live 5G arena, whilst average geographical downlink throughput notched 800Mbps.

Huawei has also collaborated with South Korean carrier, LG Uplus, to establish a Gbps 5G commercial network.

Announced at Mobile World Congress, the parties claim to have completed deployment of over 10,000 sites.

Both companies also demonstrated the playback of ultra-HD video and virtual reality services on 5G networks and new 5G commercial applications.

Huawei asserts virtual reality will become a “mainstream device” in the 5G era – a fact acknowledged by global carriers.

It comes after LG Uplus showcased the world’s first 5G cloud virtual reality based gameĀ on January 22.

The feat claims to have successfully leveraged the capabilities of 5G broad bandwidth and low latency, winning praise from onsite media and customers.

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