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Huawei H1 Revenue Up 23% Despite US Ban

Chinese telco giant, Huawei, has post a notable 23% year-on-year lift in half-year revenue, seemingly undeterred by bans from international governments, and the loss of its Google Android license.

Huawei has continued to reject allegations its equipment poses national security risks, or cyber links to the Chinese government.

Fierce opposition from the Trump administration has caused an influx of trade bans, and backlash from tech giants (e.g. Google).

Despite this, revenue for all Huawei business divisions climbed during the first-half to 401.3 billion yuan ($84.5 billion), with undisclosed profit up 8.7%.

The company’s under seize carrier business notched “steady growth”, with no comparable earnings provided.

Smartphone sales have continued to boom (despite not being officially sold in the United States), hitting 118 million units – up 24% year-on-year.

Despite the sales lift, Huawei has warned the “pace of growth” may be affected in the short-term second half.

Strained trade tensions with the United States was tipped to impair full-year Huawei smartphone sales, with commentators claiming increased reliance on Chinese demand.

Huawei has further progressed its home-ground OS efforts, as its seeks to navigate the loss [and re-gain] of its Google Android license.

“Given the foundation we laid in the first half of the year, we continue to see growth even after we were added to the entity list,” claims Huawei Chairman, Liang Hua, in a statement.

“That’s not to say we don’t have difficulties ahead. We do, and they may affect the pace of our growth in the short term”

“We do, and they may affect the pace of our growth in the short term.”

He claims revenue grew fast “up through May.”

Huawei is currently prohibited from Australia’s local 5G network build, however, remains the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer.

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